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There are so many ways that I could introduce myself and this blog and to be honest I am not completely sure where to begin. The way I look at it is I am either hopelessly talking to myself or attempting to entertain random people. ( I’m sure I can get my sister to read this as she’s uber supportive like that. )

Let’s start with the name of this blog and the name I use on the WWW, Missy Seanache. The first thing that appears at the top of this blog is “Seanache,” and it looks like I’m talking about some kind of Sean ache…or something. First off my name is Melissa ( but my nickname is Missy ) and although I know a couple of guys named Sean there is absolutely no relevance there. Secondly there is no aching either. Okay, well there may be some kind of personal aching deep within my soul or something but again, nada!

So here is the extremely boring exciting story about how I came up with this ridiculously cool name. Ok, never mind. There isn’t much of a story. One night a girlfriend of mine and I were drinking A LOT of red wine and she told me about the word “Seanachie” which in Irish means story-teller. I always write tons of wierd random crap and I enjoy telling my crazy life stories to people as well. So, she started up this nickname for me and is actually the only person who has called me that but after sitting at my computer for an hour trying to think of some stellar name that would shine in the TwitterBlogWherevertheHECK world I wasn’t even sure I was getting into, I typed it in and there it was. Unfortunately I spelled the word wrong but we can’t win them all right? I guess I could just say it was a Sean ache? That’s just ridiculous. 🙂 <—Proper or not, I will insert smile emoticon into post. It’s just a blog, right?

So moving on to who in the world I am…Yes, the fun part. Did you know that secretly everyone loves talking about themself? Seriously if you are ever stumped in a silent conversation just try to get the person to talk about themself. Having said that, I love telling stories and talking about things but I have always been really bad at the whole “tell me about yourself” question. I have absolutely no idea where to begin ever and I always just wind up sounding like an asshole. I figure if you are reading this you either A) already know who I am, B) could care less and haven’t even read up to this point which would definitely cancel out point B anyways or C) You genuinely want to know who I am ( little girl squeel! ) Here it is…A one or two liner, let’s sum this bad boy up.

I write A LOT. I have a passion for film and art in various forms. I have to express myself creatively in order to feel right and my prefered outlet is writing. I also enjoy music, food, photography, a few select people, nature, animals, daydreaming, blogging, eating, drinking, betternotsaythatone and sleeping. My favourite colour is Ihavenoidea and my favourite number is most definitely 7. Lucky number 7. No, I don’t gamble. I am easily amused and daze out a lot which acts as a splendid cover for my high intelligence levels. I believe in passion and I fear dystopia. I am extremely random. That should be enough.

Good night.

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